The Tour d'Italia starts in:

Mark your calendar now for the 2019 Tour d' Italia!!!!

Start Time: 8:00am Saturday June 15, 2019

Registration Open NOW!!!!

Note: The Tour d' Italia is always held on the third Saturday in June.

Disclaimer:  Please be aware that the Tour d' Italia jersey may cause you to ride faster or farther than expected.  You may be unexpectedly asked to participate in pace lines or otherwise mistaken for an elite cyclist while wearing the Tour d' Italia Jersey.  Caution should be exercised if the Tour d' Italia jersey is worn while consuming gels, caffeine, or other supplements that may amplify the effects of the Tour d' Italia Jersey.

The Tour d' Italia organizers cannot be responsible for riders that spontaneously make travel plans to compete in crits, time trials, or other epic rides after wearing the Tour d' Italia jersey.